by Cam

Hi. I’m Cam. I write essays and novels while traveling and pursuing personal growth. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on November 30, 1966: Sag Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo rising. My parents (father: IBM programmer; mother: much later divorced him and became an accountant) taught me to value love, connection, and humility. That early awareness has developed into a keen interest in spiritual truth: God, the nature and potentials of the human soul, existence in other dimensions, divine law. I’m a classic Sagittarius: curious, restless, independent, optimistic. I studied math and English literature at Arizona State and earned an MFA in creative writing from Warren Wilson. Currently I’m traveling long term in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. I freelance as an editor and abstractor. In 2019 I’ll be traveling extensively and collecting material for a book on dance. Also, I like bikes.